Surveillance UAV-VTOL

Surveillance drone is used to carry out an oversight. Surveillance drone has become an important tool in ensuring that citizens comply with the strict regulations imposed by the country or region.

In addition to monitor an area, this drone is also used to map, calculate and measure an area of land to be managed accurately.

Surveillance Drone Features

Vertical Take Off & Landing

By using VTOL mode, surveillance drone does not require a large area to fly or lower the drone, thus it speeds up the user’s work.

Long Operating Distance

With the latest technology, surveillance drone can be operated over long distances, so the user no need to move to another place.

Ultra Efficiency

Surveillance drone saves enough power, thus it makes the drones have a long flight time operations.

Record The Project Area Clearly

Surveillance drone is capable to recording and photographing objects with a clear and clean result, with this feature, surveillance drone is able to produce images or videos with high resolution.


Max Take-Off Weight: 9 Kg

Maximum Payload: 2 Kg


Cruising Speed: 60 Km/h

Maximum Speed: 160 Km/h

Max Endurance: 2 hours

Range radius: 25 Km


Length: 1.7 m

Wingspan: 3.41 m

Height: 0.6m