Passenger drone is a type of drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that carries passengers. The presence of drones for passengers is an effort to present a passenger plane which can cover more places and can be driven by electric power without fuel at a lower cost.

Passenger Drone Features

Smart Operation

The dashboard is designed with two 9.7-inch tablets that allow real-time interaction and monitoring. The new multimedia system integrates various smart technologies including travel info, media control, satellite navigation and aviation media.

Ergonomic Seat

The leather seat design inspired by the F1 sports car provides more comfortable support for your body during the flight. Just sit back and enjoy.

18-inch Luggage Trunk

The luggage is large enough to accommodate 8-inch suitcases, satisfying general travel and short-distance travel needs. The luggage is equipped with a belt to fasten the baggage during the flight.

Compact Power System

The coaxial dual propeller design greatly reduces the space and structural components required for propeller and motor installation, thus it makes the aircraft lighter in weight.

Battery Technology

Flight time up to 30 minutes with a lifetime of 500 times charging.

New Materials

Similar to traditional aircraft, Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles are very sensitive to weight. Composite materials are ideal for aviation because they are lightweight and sturdy. The main components such as the electric motor are made of metal.


The fuselage is designed to follow the wind flow to increase the effectiveness of power consumption.

5G Network

Enjoy high-resolution video with real-time transmission and extra security due to precise automatic control.


Max Payload: 200Kg / 2 Passenger


Max Flight Time: 15 x 2 minutes flight time

Maximum Speed: 100km/h


Length: 3.6 m

Width: 3.6 m

Height: 1.8 m