Cargo drone have been making headlines with
the ability to transport goods. Cargo drone is
focusing on transport goods to areas that are
difficult to reach, for example to fisherman or
remote places, thus shorten the delivery times
and the market that FrogsID is targeting would
be appropriate.


Max Take Off Weight  :  120 kg

Max Payload  :  25 kg


Max Endurance  :  2 hours

Cruising Speed  :  135 km/h

Maximum Speed  :  220 km/h


Lenght  :  3,4 m

Height  :  1,17 m

Wingspan  :  5,218 m

Cargo Drone Features

Vertical Take Off & Landing

By not requiring a large area to take-off and landing, cargo drone is capable of delivering materials or goods to relatively narrow or difficult to reach places such as areas affected by natural disasters.

Easy and Safe Handling

Built with the latest technology and sturdy materials, thus it makes cargo drone can be maintained easily and safely.

Large Payload

With a large capacity up to 20kg, cargo drone is capable to load quite a lot of items, especially for the needs of fisherman, farmers, etc.

Powerful System

With the presence of modern technology and machines, the machines of cargo drone can run optimally and can be used for the long term.